Poker Lotto involves a watch and a win lottery game in which there are two chances of winning including the traditional lottery draw and instantly winnings poker game. In order to take part in the lottery, a participant must meet the age limit set of 18 years and above.

For additional protection once a ticket is purchased, always put down your signature on the ticket and fill in the information at the ticket’s back. It is advisable that you re-check your tickets before leaving the counter. The numbers on the selection slip should correspond to those on your ticket.

The instant ticket must stay free of defects or damage. To avoid delays during prize claiming, unknown markings on the lottery ticket should be avoided at all cost. It is also important to note that, a group ticket can be termed void if the person handling the tickets in the store is a group member.

In accordance with the provincial and Canadian laws, gaming activities is limited to the Ontario Province only. Therefore, poker lotto ticket sold outside the province of Ontario is prohibited.

The lotto tickets have a shell of 12 months. Usually the expiry date is printed at the back side of the ticket.

The working of Poker Lotto involves the display of your cards on a screen. Five cards for each hand are chosen out of the normal 52-card deck. Winnings of up to $5000 is possible when one hits the poker hand with the winning. An extra jackpot beginning from $10,000 is provided for four players who gamed All In. Each night, 5 cards are usually drawn. The jackpot increases from $10,000 till it is won. Night draws occur each night from 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time). Slip cancellation is not possible since the only method of play is Quick Pick.