Windsor events give people so much adventure in both entertainment and educational sectors. A host of events ranging from most popular the least popular. Windsor necessitates the need to mark the dates on our calendars. Exploring the ancient County Road 50 and the scenic beauty at the Northern end of Lake Erie’s shore. The event takes place on 29th and 30th July, 2017. Aimed at doing charity, one is required to carry with them a canned product to aid Harrow Food Bank. Other benevolent events too will be supported by participants. The venue is the Road 50, Essex. A free walk for everyone on the 21st and 22nd July, 2017 hosted Walkerville BIA businesses. This is an annual event that brings people together walking along Argyle, Devonshire and Gladstone Roads. Through the Pride Fest, Windsor events focus on global issues touching lives of lGBTIG persons. This takes place on 11th to 13th August, 2017 from 8 a.m. at Riverfront Fest Plaza, Windsor. Great entertainment at the Comb Fair hosted annually at the Community Centre Street, Ontario. The entry cost is $7.00 for the day pass and $15 for the weekend pass. While those under 12 years have a Free entry pass. Pet owners are welcomed to the Pet Fest on 12th and 13th August, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 3295 Meloche Road, Amherst Burg. Celebrating Beverages and food sourced locally, slip and Savour events aims at bringing together farmers, winemakers, brew masters and chefs for the perfect culinary experience. Takes place on the 19th to 20th August, 2017 at the Leamington’s Waterfront Properties, Ontario. For just $4 for adults and those under 12 years allowed a free pass with the proceeds aided to 32 Leamington District Agricultural Society Food Bank. The Harrow Fair tradition for over century on 31st August to 11th September, 2017.